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Precious and insulating plaster industry

Conversion from metal silos to flexible silos with a conveyor system


Fine and insulating plasters are created by adding expandable polystyrene as a lightweight additive..

The daily consumption of the customer’s insulation plastering company was around 80 to 120 m³ of Styrofoam, which was previously stored in metal silos. For further storage, we were looking for an optimal solution with a suitable conveyor system.

Goals & specifics of the customer:

  • Suck off low-dust and convey the delivered Styrofoam from trucks via a conveyor system into storage silos.
  • Storage of the Styrofoam in silos that utilize the available space and are easy to assemble.
  • Automatic conveyance of the Styrofoam from the storage silos into the work silo, which continuously feeds the dosing device. The dosing behavior in the volumetric dosing vessel must not be negatively influenced by this.
  • No residual pentane accumulation in the cone area, as this leads to quality losses during processing.
  • Complete, fully automatic system without major maintenance and operating effort.

The solution

In the future, the Styrofoam will be removed from the delivery trucks via the suction nozzle of a suction-pressure conveyor system. This conveyor system transports the Styrofoam directly into the storage silos. Conveyance using a pneumatic conveyor system is more cost-effective over long distances than a mechanical alternative..

The Styrofoam is now stored in flexible storage silos made of polyester fabric, which make optimal use of the available space thanks to their rectangular design. Their low weight has made assembly considerably easier. One from the A.B.S. A developed filter structure on the storage silos allows the conveying air to escape with little dust.

A pneumatic conveyor system adapted to the delivery rate gently transports the Styrofoam from the storage silo to the work silo. The filling level is monitored by the rotary paddle detector in the work silo.

The residual pentane is extracted from the storage silos by a suction device at the outlets, thereby increasing the dosing accuracy.

With a PLC control and the installation of proven, low-maintenance components, the operating and maintenance effort can be reduced to a minimum.

Your benefits at a glance

  • short filling times of the storage silos thanks to the suction-pressure conveyor system that is precisely adjusted for this purpose
  • Optimal utilization of space thanks to the flexible design of the storage silo
  • Very good leakage properties thanks to flexible silo walls
  • Pentane suction on the storage silo – high metering accuracy of the mixtures
  • Dust-free operation of the entire system
  • High system readiness thanks to simple and proven assemblies
  • Long-term conductive material.

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