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Manufacturer of anti-slip mats

Plastic granules tend to form lumps when stored due to temperature fluctuations


An anti-slip mat manufacturer in the hygiene sector fed its existing injection molding machine using a suction conveyor system.

Suction lances removed the plastic granules from the octabins and conveyed them into the injection molding machine.

Goals & specifics of the customer:

  • Durch die Entnahme bildete sich ein Schacht der das Ausfließen verhinderte.
  • Die Behälter müssen 80 m³ aufnehmen.
  • Bei einer langen Lagerdauer entstehen Langzeitverfestigung.
  • Schutz der Silos vor Überfüllung.
  • Bei der Befüllung durch Tankwagen muss die darin nötige Förderluft staubfrei entweichen können.
  • Die Lagerung in Außensilos führt zu hohen Temperaturen und führt zum Zusammenballen des einzulagernden Kunststoffgranulates.
  • Der Einsatz eines Aufsatzfilters war nicht möglich, da die Silos sonst nicht die Raumhöhe nutzen konnten.

The Solution

The structure of the tailor-made A.B.S. Indoor fabric silos prevent high temperatures and temperature fluctuations. This prevents the plastic granules from agglomerating.

The leakage problem is solved by using the A.B.S. discharge system Fliess-Ex® in conjunction with the Pneum-Ex®. The Fliess-Ex® ensures optimal flow conditions thanks to low friction at the outlet. If this alone is not enough, the Pneum-Ex® steps in, constantly changing the cone shape with the help of air hoses. This prevents the formation of bridges right from the start.

A complete solution with rectangular, high-strength interior silos made of polyester fabric and accessories ensures optimal use of the existing interior space. Compared to external metal silos, this variant represents significant cost savings. Because the steel frames can be dismantled, the silo system could be assembled in a very small space without opening the building roof. Since a standing filter with a suction pipe was used, the silos made use of the maximum height of the building. One filter is enough for several silos.

A.B.S. installed in the filling line and the silo. Overfill protection installers. These consist of a pinch valve directly after the TW connection, a pressure switch and a full indicator, which are located in the silo lid. These prevent the silo from overfilling and excess pressure when filling. With a single filling line with a TW connection and a switch system, the silos are now filled fully automatically.

Your benefits at a glance

  • The use of tailor-made rectangular silos makes optimal use of the available space.
  • A standing filter installed, as no top-mounted filter was possible due to the building being too low.
  • With flexible, dismountable silos, the system can be assembled without covering the hall roof.
  • Flexible storage silos with only approx. 30 to 40% of the empty weight of a comparable metal silo place little strain on the hall floor. The foundation is not specially reinforced, which saves the customer considerable costs.
  • No condensation and temperature fluctuations inside a flexible silo.
  • With the help of the A.B.S. With the Fliess-Ex® and Pneum-Ex®-Systems discharge systems, the stored plastic granulate flows out without any problems.
  • Long-term conductive material.

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