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Brick production

Production of thermal insulation bricks with the air-entraining agent polystyrene.


A manufacturer of thermal insulation bricks from Germany planned to expand its production facility. His goal was to expand his product line by producing extremely thermally insulating lightweight bricks.

Such bricks are created by porosizing the brick mass with the additive polystyrene. Thanks to the positive properties of these bricks such as low weight, high compressive strength, best heat storage capacity and favorable moisture behavior, it can score points on the market. In order to promote sales of the new bricks, the implementation was carried out by A.B.S. required quickly.

Customer goals and characteristics

  • Quick material emptying for short downtimes of the delivering trucks
  • Dust-free filling process of the silos
  • Outgassing of the delivered polystyrene, as it has not yet completely degassed due to the short storage time at the manufacturer.
  • Continuous feeding of the polystyrene to the vacuum press with high dosing accuracy
  • Low and therefore cost-effective operation and maintenance effort

The Solution

The customer decided to invest in a fully automatic system with flexible internal silos (as a storage silo and as a work silo) for handling the polystyrene.

The tailor-made A.B.S. storage silo made of polyester fabric is equipped with a complete filter structure so that the conveying air escapes dust-free. In order to prevent electrostatic charging of the polystyrene, the A.B.S. designers rely on fabric with carbon thread.

To ensure quick emptying, a pneumatic suction pressure conveyor system was used, which sucks the polystyrene from the truck’s inliner and conveys it into the silos.

The fabric silos from A.B.S. are made from high-strength and air-permeable technical textiles. This makes it possible to degas the freshly foamed Styrofoam. A climate exchange is also possible with this fabric in order to dissipate any moisture that may accumulate to the outside.

The downstream process of burning is approximately 200 m away. That’s why the A.B.S. fitters install another flexible work silo as an intermediate silo. This work silo is equipped with level indicators to ensure an appropriate filling level. The material is then gently and continuously fed into the further production process via a dosing screw.

A PLC control regulates the entire system, where every work step starts automatically immediately via a touchscreen.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Large storage capacity with little space requirement thanks to tailor-made fabric silos
  • Cost-effective storage of the lightweight aggregate
  • Short cycle times for the delivery of the polystyrene
  • Low weight of the high-strength and breathable A.B.S. fabric silos
  • High and consistent dosing accuracy of the dosing screw
  • Easiest operation with fully automatic function sequence
  • Minimal operating and maintenance effort
  • Excellent system safety
  • Reliable delivery and implementation
  • Permanently dissipative material


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