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Dental products

Changing the storage system of bags in silos


A manufacturer of dental products previously purchased the fillers gypsum and quartz sand in bags (size 25 to 42 kg).

The manufacturer’s employees filled the bags into the individual mixers (volume of approx. 1 m³) under considerable physical strain. This process took a whole day.

The task for A.B.S. was to design silos for indoor use that could be filled by a tanker truck and a bag loading station.

At the same time, the conveyor system had to be filtered during filling. The problem-free flow of the fillers from the silos was also a requirement for the system.

& Customer specifics:

    • The moisture sensitivity of the storage products gypsum and quartz sand made it impossible to set up the silos outdoors.
    • Protection of the silos from overfilling and excess pressure through safety measures during the filling process.
    • Gypsum and quartz sand produce dust when filling.
    • After a short storage period, the air escapes from the stored bulk material and it can no longer flow out. This makes it necessary to use an outlet system that reintroduces the air.
    • Low height for the customer.

The solution

To store the products, the A.B.S. technicians chose flexible inner silos made of coated polyester fabric. Installing it indoors prevents the formation of condensation.

A tailor-made rectangular design of the silos ensures optimal use of the interior space.

The A.B.S. Designers designed a conveyor line so that employees could easily fill the interior silos from the outside. The A.B.S. installed an overfill protection device with a pinch valve directly after the TW connection. Fitters in the filling line and the silo. The silo lid contains a pressure switch and a full indicator. These measures prevent overfilling of the silo and excess pressure when filling.

After the conversion, it was now also possible to fill the silos from the bag loading station via a filling line.

Due to the low height of the hall, it was not possible to place an attachment filter. That’s why A.B.S. installed a filter system with an extraction line with a switch system and a stand filter (jet filter) with an extraction fan. An external control activates this filter system, which prevents the silos from being filled by tank trucks and bag feeding stations at the same time.

The Fluid-Ex discharge system from A.B.S. ensures that the storage products gypsum and quartz sand flow out without any problems. Air is introduced into the product to make it flowable again.

Your benefits at a glance

        • No condensation formation with flexible inner silos (no temperature fluctuations).
        • By using tailor-made rectangular silos, the available space is optimally utilized.
        • Flexible, dismountable silos enable assembly without covering the hall roof.
        • Since the flexible storage silos only have approx. 30 to 40% of the empty weight of a comparable metal silo, there is little load on the hall floor. This leads to significant savings in the construction of the building.
        • With the help of the A.B.S. Fluid-Ex discharge system, the stored product can be discharged without any problems even after months of storage.
        • Optimal dedusting despite the low hall height.
        • Long-term conductive material.

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