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Detergent powder

Clumping detergent when stored in metal silos


A large German manufacturer of detergent powder previously stored the powder in intermediate metal silos after mixing.

A conveyor line fed the detergent from these intermediate silos to the packaging stations where it was filled into PE sacks and bags. Various customers also wanted to purchase the detergent in big bags in order to refine it further.

Customer Goals & Special Features

  • The mixing process previously took place in a conventional horizontal mixer. There, heat was passed into the detergent. Since some components tended to absorb moisture when heated, the detergent clumped.
  • This lump formation led to leakage problems in the intermediate silos, inaccuracies at the packaging stations and to complaints from consumers.

The Solution

Taking the geometric shapes into account, the intermediate metal silos were replaced with tailor-made silos made of coated fabric.

To prevent the formation of lumps, integrated A.B.S. a discharge floor in the form of a ventilation floor into the cone of the fabric silo. This soil now introduces dried air into the stored detergent. This reduces the moisture content in the detergent so that the detergent can flow again.

Your benefits at a glance

  • By using tailor-made flexible silos, the available space can be optimally utilized.
  • The flow behavior of the detergent improves through the use of flexible silos. This leads to high output from the packaging machines. Thanks to the flexible walls, no bridges form because the resulting vibrations are passed on through the tissue during removal.
  • The integrated ventilation floor from A.B.S. prevents the formation of lumps in the detergent. This improves the quality and dosing accuracy of the packaging machine.
  • Long-term conductive material.

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