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Flat roof system manufacturer

Silo system for the difficult to store SBS plastic


Silo system for flat roof manufacturers with SBS plastic
At a major Austrian flat roof system manufacturer, the plastic SBS, in a fiber-like form, was poured directly from the big bags (volume: approx. 2 m³) into a conveyor system and fed to the production line.

Since this plastic has a strong tendency to compact and form lumps, an employee had to monitor the entire emptying process. If there were problems with the feed, the entire production line had to be stopped.

Goals & specifics of the customer:

  • Planning and installation of a silo, conveyor and dosing system for SBS, with a storage capacity of approx. 60 m³. The system must be integrated into the existing hall complex.
  • To increase process reliability, the available area is structurally very limited
  • Hall height is only approx. 6 m
  • The SBS plastic has a very strong tendency to form bridges
  • Inexpensive and quick implementation


The A.B.S. designed a fully automatic silo, conveyor and dosing system that doses the precisely specified quantities into the existing conveyor system.
The stock product SBS is still delivered in big bags and emptied via a big bag emptying station. A lump breaker is mounted at the outlet of this emptying station, which destroys the lumps that occur and at the same time doses the material into a pressure conveyor system.

The downstream pneumatic conveying with blow-through lock and switch system now fills two tailor-made fabric silos from A.B.S. each with a volume of 32 m³. The A.B.S. dispensing aid Pneum-Ex® ensures problem-free discharge (without lump formation).

A level detector monitors the filling process of the high-strength silos.

A pressure conveyor system then conveys the SBS plastic from the storage silos through a pipe system into the newly installed dosing silo. The filling level of this silo is controlled by two level detectors, with one detector working as a demand detector. If this detector is not occupied with material, the control automatically activates the conveyor system to fill the A.B.S. dosing silo and deactivates it again when the second detector (full detector) is reached.

A dosing screw fills the weighing container (volume 1.5 m³) from the work silo. Various dosage quantities are stored in a dosing computer and can be accessed as required. A pneumatic slider empties the weighing container directly. In addition, a downstream switch makes it possible to select the production line.

A PLC control with visualization realizes the control of the complete system.

Your benefits at a glance

  • No structural measures (e.g. opening the hall roof) are necessary to transport the silos to the installation site.
  • Flexible silos that can be dismantled keep the assembly effort in the interior of the hall very low.
  • Due to the low weight of the silos, no additional foundation work is necessary.
  • The use of the A.B.S. Pneum-Ex® system leads to trouble-free leakage from the silos and thus enables the successful storage of the SBS plastic in larger quantities.
  • Since silos are now used as storage containers, the time spent working on the system has fallen by 70% and process reliability has increased.
  • Since a forklift was needed the entire time to dose the SBS plastic from the big bags, this can now be used for other tasks.
  • Long-term conductive material.

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