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Molding production

Changing the storage system from 3 large wooden silos to 6 smaller tailor-made flexible fabric silos for more storage options


At a manufacturer of molded parts, the foamed EPS was previously stored in 3 large wooden silos. The company develops and produces customer-specific, precisely fitting and lightweight technical molded parts.

That’s why different colors and bulk densities were used for the processing process. In order to change the color or quality of the EPS, the large silos had to be completely empty. This significantly extended the delivery time of the molded parts produced for the company’s customers.

In order to be able to realize the variety of storage variants required, the manufacturer needed several silos. However, the total weight of the hall floor could not be exceeded. At the same time, the storage volume per variety was reduced significantly.

Goals and characteristics of the customer

  • Shorter delivery times by storing different EPS qualities in small fabric silos instead of large solid silos
  • Separate storage of the different colors and bulk densities
  • Shorter reaction time when producing the molded parts
  • Increase product variety
  • Dust-free filling
  • no loss of quality

The solution

A technical advisor from A.B.S. visited the manufacturer at the location and analyzed the spatial conditions. Together with the company, he came to the conclusion that the best solution was to replace the wooden silos with flexible fabric silos as multi-chamber silos. Due to the low weight, 6 instead of 3 storage silos are now available without overloading the hall floor.

The filling line has the A.B.S. Designers equipped with pipe switches and pipe parts so that the larger number of silos can be filled without any problems.

Unlike wooden silos, the conveying air in flexible silos escapes through the silo lid.

This makes dust-free filling possible. For optimal use of space, A.B.S. the tailor-made silos with a rectangular design. In addition, the silos are made from breathable fabric. If necessary, the EPS can now dry and degas. This increases throughput times and shortens delivery times for the molded parts.

The removal takes place using the existing suction conveyor technology. For this interface A.B.S. appropriate suction boxes with multiple connections

Your benefits at a glance

  • Optimal use of space through many small silos without overloading the hall floor
  • Storage of the different colors and qualities of EPS is now possible
  • Shorter cycle times in production and therefore significantly shortened delivery times
  • Excellent quality thanks to air-permeable fabric – if necessary, the EPS can also dry and degas
  • Quick and easy assembly of the dismountable steel structure in the tightest of spaces
  • Permanently dissipative material

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