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Manufacturer of electrical components stores switching elements

Reduction of logistics times


A large manufacturer of electrical components produces light switches using injection molding.

In the existing system, a conveyor belt and a removal robot transported the components in plastic boxes directly to the injection molding machine. After reaching a certain level of filling, these boxes were placed on pallets and driven to an interim storage facility.

These pallets were brought manually from the interim storage facility to final assembly.
The plastic boxes were emptied into the individual assembly stations.

The A.B.S. received the order to develop a container system with a volume that would significantly shorten both the change cycles (removing the full container, positioning the empty container) when filling the injection molding machine and equipping the assembly station.

Goals and characteristics of the customer

  • Previously, the plastic crates were placed on special pallets and automatically positioned in a storage system in the interim storage facility. Putting the boxes on and securing them took a lot of time, but this should be reduced in the future.
  • Cost-effective conversion of the existing assembly station.
  • The switch elements tended to form bridges when removed.
  • Very easy to use the completely new container system.

The solution

The switch elements are transported using flexible containers.

These have an opening in the lid and a Velcro fastener on the spout. Filling is done by a conveyor belt. The optimal size of the containers made it possible to significantly shorten the change cycles in which the full container is removed and an empty container is positioned. This allows the operating staff to operate several machines at the same time. An undercarriage structure was developed for the container, which enables it to be easily inserted into the existing interim storage facility. The container outlet was designed in such a way that a conveyor belt could be placed as a dosing belt between the outlet and the undercarriage structure.

The flexible walls of the containers mean that the molded parts cannot get stuck and bridges form. By choosing the outlet angle and the outlet opening, the material flows out easily. To make handling the containers easier, pull locks were attached to the outlet. Rough dosing was made possible by the outlet angle and the outlet opening.

Your benefits at a glance

  • The containers have a volume of 1 m³. This eliminates the need to frequently change containers on the injection molding machines. This leads to significant savings in setup times.
  • Due to the size of the containers, only one container needs to be replaced during a shift at the assembly station.
  • Due to a user-friendly design of the undercarriage structure, no modifications were necessary in the interim storage facility.
  • The containers can be moved with the help of a hand pallet truck.
  • Because of the special design of the outlet and the outlet gap, the switch elements can be pre-metered there and the metering belt, which conveys the switching elements to the assembly station, can be placed
  • Permanently conductive material.

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