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Pellet vacuum cleaner

From the silo to the boiler in no time.
The pneumatic suction system transports the pellets gently and safely from the storage room into the boiler’s daily storage container. Differences in height of 6 m can be overcome using a maximum 20 m long hose. The pellet vacuum is compatible with almost every hand-fillable boiler up to a maximum of 180 kW.
An independent control regulates the filling process. Delivered ready to plug in, it is ready for use in just a few steps. Delivery times and cycles can be individually adjusted.

Pellet box

As compact as it is versatile.
Ideal for households with low fuel requirements: The compact pellet box made of galvanized steel measures only 48 x 48 x 106 cm and can be placed next to the boiler or anywhere in the room. It is easily filled by hand.
The volume of the storage container holds approx. 200 l, which corresponds to around 10 bags of pellets (15 kg each). The pellet box can be used in a variety of ways: the pellets can be removed using a screw conveyor, suction probe or an external suction system.

Level monitoring

As compact as it is versatile.
It’s good if you always keep an eye on your pellet supply. For level monitoring, A.B.S. offers two options: A rotary wing detector is suitable for every type of silo and can be used as a full, demand or empty signal. A weighing system shows the stock at any time: Since the weighing cells do not come into contact with the pellets, incorrect measurements due to cones of waste, bridges or chimneys are practically impossible.

Conveyor systems

The best ways to get a boiler.
The pellets are stored safely in the silo. But how do they get into the boiler? Various systems have proven successful here: For larger distances, a suction system in which the pellets are transported in the hose is recommended. A rotating screw conveyor is ideal for shorter distances of 3 – 4 m, which moves the fuel continuously and quietly to the boiler.

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