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Flexilo® SPRING


up to 6.8 t

2 – 3 Weeks

up to 60% more storage capacity

proven spiral conveyor

Removal unit easily accessible

The intelligent further development of a lifting silo: Since the silo cone is lowered during filling, almost the entire floor space can be used as a storage room. When emptying, this part lifts up again and forms a slope that allows the pellets to flow out. This means no space is wasted even in the tightest of spaces. Tension springs attached to the silo cone ensure reliable emptying, and the conveyor technology that has already proven itself on the Flexilo® TROG ensures the operational safety of the heating system.


  • Maximum storage capacity: up to 60% more in the same footprint
  • High operational reliability thanks to proven spiral conveyor system
  • Very easy to maintain due to the easy accessibility of the removal unit


  • Silo bag with sewn-in baffle and inspection opening (manual filling nozzle)
  • Galvanized steel frame as a plug-in system including a spring set
  • Suitable filling system (sideways as standard – 1-fold)
  • Spiral including conveyor trough and drive unit with suction point*
  • Holding structure for silo lid (½” pipe must be provided on site)
    assembly Instructions
* Extension or direct loading on request

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