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Drinking water treatment

Storage of the filter material in a new silo with 30 t


In the new system for drinking water treatment, a filter substance should be added to the drinking water.

The silo must have a calculated capacity of approx. 30 t. The customer specified the existing basement space as the storage location.

Customer goals & special features:

  • The installation site is only accessible via a cellar door.
  • Due to the low room height, the filter station cannot be mounted on the silo roof.
  • Filling only possible from the outside.
  • A water jet pump doses the filter material into the drinking water treatment in a specified amount.
  • The exact storage weight of the filter material must be permanently determined.
  • The TA-Luft limit values ​​apply to the exhaust air.

The Solution

In order to make optimal use of the available space and to enable the planned silo system to be installed without major construction work, the decision was made to use a flexible, tailor-made storage silo from A.B.S. with dismountable steel frame.

The use of a stand filter complies with TA-Luft. This filter is connected to the silo by pipes. The stand filter easily directs the filtered air volume to the outside during filling.

The fabric silo with all attachments stands on load cells that transmit all the relevant data to the dosing computer. Weighing helps to determine the remaining quantities in the silo and visualizes this in the control room. In the extraction weighing principle, the filter material is metered in via the metering screw of the water jet pump.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Thanks to the use of dismountable flexible silos, the assembly effort in the interior of the existing basement was very low and therefore no roof had to be opened for assembly.
  • Additional foundation work is not necessary as the silos have a low weight.
  • Continuous level monitoring takes care of the weighing.
  • The most modern computer technology and the complete weighing of the silo system ensure a problem-free connection of the existing overall system control with the dosage control.
  • Cost advantages of the flexible silo compared to previously used stainless steel silos of approx. 30 to 40%.

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