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Mortar work

Changing the stock product from Perlite to recycled Styrofoam


In an existing mortar factory, the customer wanted to partially replace the lightweight aggregate Perlite with recycled Styrofoam. Previously, the perlite was stored in metal silos that were filled by a tanker truck.

The new silo system for the recycled Styrofoam should have a calculated storage capacity
of 150 m³ and guarantee that the Styrofoam flows out without any problems.

The Styrofoam should be dosed directly at the mixer and be variably adjustable. In order for the silo system to be controlled independently in the future, it had to be linked to the existing control system.

Customer Goals & Specifics

  • Integration of the silo system into an existing mixing tower
  • Filling of the silo system by an 80 m³ tanker with its own conveyor fan or optionally by a tarpaulin truck without its own conveyor system
  • Conveying the Styrofoam, which tends to form strong bridges, from the silo to the mixer without any loss of time
  • Fully automatic provision of the Styrofoam directly at the mixer

The Solution

The tailor-made fabric silos ensure that the silos fit easily into the existing mixing tower and are therefore adapted to the existing space conditions.

With a suction pressure conveyor installed, accepting loose goods is no longer a problem. When filling the silo system, the customer will in future have the choice of having the Styrofoam delivered by a tanker or loose:

In the case of a loose delivery, delivery with up to 50% higher volume is possible. This reduces the number of filling processes and has a positive effect on the purchasing costs of the Styrofoam. In order for this to work, a bypass is activated when filling by a tanker, which bypasses the existing conveyor fan (suction pressure) and allows the silo to be filled directly. Filling by a tarpaulin truck takes over the existing conveyor system. The filling process takes approximately one hour. The truck driver initiates this process himself.

Problem-free removal from the storage silos is achieved by pneumatic discharge systems that feed another suction pressure conveyor system. This suction pressure conveyor system in turn fills the work silo directly at the mixer fully automatically. A rotary valve carries out the dosing into the mixer. The programmable frequency former controls the rotary valve. The entire silo and conveyor system is controlled by a PLC control, which is linked to the existing complete control system.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Significant cost reduction through the use of recycled Styrofoam.
  • Custom-made products tailored specifically to customer requirements.
  • Optimal utilization of space thanks to the flexible silo (exact room adjustment).
  • The entire system can be completely dismantled – no structural changes necessary.
  • Exact dosing through the work silo and the rotary valve.
  • The frequency converter allows the dosing parameters to be adjusted quickly and precisely.
  • Long-term conductive material.

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