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Storing bulk goods safely is one thing. Transporting and storing it just as safely is another matter. This is where A.B.S. Flex containers are the optimal solution. Available as standard with a capacity of 0.5 to 2 m3, they are equipped for all internal and external logistics tasks.

Consisting of a steel frame, a flexible container bag and a shut-off device, the flexible containers can also be stacked using stacking corners and feet. This ensures maximum use of space everywhere. An additional stop and transport aids make them fit for all crane and truck applications.

Like the A.B.S. Flex silos, our flex containers are also supplied with fabric that is individually tailored to the bulk material, and they can also be equipped with appropriate discharge aids.


  • Depending on the area of application and task, it can be used mobile or stationary
  • Thanks to their stackability, the existing room height can be optimally used
  • Crane transport possible without any problems
  • The fabrics used are selected exactly according to the requirements of your bulk material: For example, coated and uncoated materials are available, as are food-approved and electrostatically dissipative versions
  • Due to their flexible walls, the containers have very good leakage characteristics. For bulk goods that are difficult to discharge, they can also be equipped with tried and tested A.B.S. discharge aids
  • Free choice of shut-off and draining devices
  • Mobile versions on wheels are available upon request

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