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So that everything runs perfectly.

You should definitely take this into account when planning.

Easy filling
The wood pellets are delivered with a silo vehicle and blown into the flexible pellet store. When filling, the blown air escapes through the lid fabric of the silo. Therefore, forced extraction is not necessary (exhaust air opening of at least 400 cm² is required in the installation room). To maximize space utilization, the pellets are blown in horizontally above the support bar. The flexible walls and built-in impact protection ensure that the wood pellets are filled gently. The appropriate filling system is included in the scope of delivery of every A.B.S. silo, but may differ depending on the silo variant.

Default position of the filling line

Ab einer Gestellbreite von 2,5 m werden A.B.S.-Silos mit
2 Befüllleitungen ausgestattet.

Standard position of the filling line for rectangular silos

With rectangular silos, the filling line is located on the narrow side as standard. From a frame width of 2.5 m, 2 filling lines are included in the scope of delivery.

Important things at a glance:

  • Use quality pellets in accordance with the internationally valid standard ISO 17225-2 or EN plus. Further information can be found at www.enplus-pellets.de
  • No forced extraction necessary (exhaust air opening of at least 400 cm² required in the installation site)
  • The permanently installed filling line and the filling hose of the silo vehicle should not exceed 30 m
  • Moisture must be prevented from entering the filling pipe
  • The filling coupling must be accessible and easy for the tanker driver to reach (without using ladders, etc.).
  • Pay attention to the position of the filler necks – see above.
  • The manual filling nozzle should be accessible
  • Make sure you fill it properly!

Pellets stored properly. Optimal use of space.


With energy-efficient and climate-friendly heat, wood pellet heating systems offer a real alternative to other systems. However, storing the pellets is often problematic, e.g. B. in damp basement rooms.
Not with silos made of technical textiles, such as the Flexilo® from A.B.S.: Made from high-strength high-tech fabric, they are perfectly tailored to the sensitive bulk material, are dust-tight and permanently electrostatically dissipative. Flexible walls and built-in impact protection ensure gentle filling.
Thanks to the air-permeable fabric, no condensation forms during temperature fluctuations. Delivered compact, your A.B.S. Fabric silo even through the narrowest door and can be set up there quickly and easily – in order to safely store and have ready the fuel for sustainable energy in the future.

“The system has been working since day one without any problems. SECTION. “It’s just perfect for me – I say that with all my heart.”
Joachim Heimberger

Silos for Wood pellets

Advantages of wood pellet silos

Where would you like it to be?

Placement options for your flexilo

Videos of our wood pellet silos

Filling a A.B.S. flat-bottom silo for wood pellets

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Flexible silo systems for storing wood pellets

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Assembling a Flexilo® storage cascade for wood pellets

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Implement storage systems.
Find solutions that work.
Get involved and think for yourself.
These are our strengths – since 1984.

From planning to final processing and assembly, A.B.S. with a high level of specialist knowledge and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods. You receive tailor-made silo solutions across all Flexilo® fabric silos at the highest level.

We are your partner for well thought-out and professional solutions with special requirements. This means you receive a perfectly coordinated storage system. And that for every pellet boiler, for every conveyor technology and for every structural situation, no matter how difficult
e.g. E.g. vaulted cellars, low cellar ceilings, rooms with high humidity, attics and garages.

Our references include:

  • Single and multi-family homes
  • Public facilities such as town halls, parsonages and churches
  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Schools, kindergartens & leisure facilities
  • Clinics, old people’s and nursing homes
  • Military properties
  • Historic buildings and monuments


Here you will find references with A.B.S. Silos:

Customer testimonials

Here you will find opinions from our customers who use A.B.S. Silos work:

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